Frequently Asked Questions About Cookie Class:

What will I be doing in the class?

Besides having the most fun ever? We will be going over some cookie facts, decorating techniques and you will be decorating your very own set of cookies that you will take home with you that day.

Do you offer virtual classes?

At this time, I do not offer virtual classes - but if your're interested, please email me for information on private in-person classes.

Can I purchase an additional take-home kit?

Yes! Many parents or practicing cookiers purchase additional class kits to take home and re-do the classes. You can purchase an add-on kit during checkout only. We do not provide extras during class. Your kit will be available at the end of your class - so don't forget it!

Do I need to know how to bake?

Nope! We will have the cookies pre-made for you and will give you the recipe at the end of class so you can create your own, on your own!

What will we learn in class?

You will learn what goes into preparing royal icing, how to color icing, and tricks to fill piping bags (believe me, it's harder than it looks). You'll also learn different decorating techniques such as marbling, outlining, wet-on-wet, brush embroidery and painting. Techniques will vary depending on the class and will be customized based on the attendees needs.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing! Ok, not nothing, but the only thing I could possibly need is your confirmation email. I rarely ask for it, but there was this one time.... (not gonna bore you with the details). In all seriousness, everything will be provided for you, including our rather tasty sugar cookies. All you need to do is join us and be prepared to laugh and have fun! Messy decorator? You can bring your own apron or just wear easy-to-wash clothing. If you wear glasses (talking to my reader peeps!), I would encourage you to bring them as well.

What age is best for cookie classes?

Classes are for almost any age! From youngsters to grandparents - come on in and have some cookie fun with me! Our in-person classes are great for any age; however, kiddos under the age of 12 will need the parent taking the class as well. If you think your child is too young to enjoy the in-person class, purchase an additional take-home kit! You can teach your kids in the comfort of your own home.

**StoryTime About 5 Year Olds**

Over the holidays, I had two 5-6 year olds in separate classes. In class 1, the child had some of the best, most intricate cookies of anyone in the class. She was very engaged with my teaching and more focused on her decorating. Class 2, the child had 2 bags of icing and all her sprinkles dumped on her cookies almost before I had made it through my introduction. (*insert laughing-crying face) She was pleased as punch. She was not disruptive to anyone else and mostly, spent the rest of the class giving me her own tips and tricks of how I could do a better job of teaching the class (in a polite whisper, because she's classy). It was adorable. I enjoyed the both of them equally.

*******Moral of the Story*******

Only YOU know your child. If your child is a #1, the class is completely kid-friendly and kid-appoved. If you have a #2, the above still applies. My only tip would be, it would have been much cheaper on the parent to just do an add-on. The parent responded with "we are here for the memory". Touche.

I will end on my favorite quote from #2, "Cookie School is SOOOO much better than Regular School".

Can JUST my child take the class?

We ask that all parents ALSO attend the classes with their children under 12. For children over 12, you can drop off your child to take the class and return to pick-up at the end of class. Due to space restrictions, we do not have room for parents to stand by and watch their children in class. So unfortunately, no - your 11 and under child cannot take the class alone, a parent (or anyone over the age of 18) must also purchase a ticket and take the class as well. BUT: we can promis you this - -it is super fun for all involved!

What will I bring home?

By the end of the class, you will have created a set of gorgeous cookies. They are ready to eat, but I encourage letting them dry for 24 hours and indulge in them when they are at their best. And of course, you'll have new skills, memories and FUN!

Can I sign up as an individual or as a group?

You can sign up either as an individual, with a friend or with a whole group. The more the merrier! Space is limited to a total of 10-25 seats per class, so definitely sign up as soon as the class is posted.

Seating is first come, first serve.

#ProTip1: If there is more than one person on a single order, I will seat them together. So if you are meeting a group, try to sign up on one order to guarantee seating together.

#ProTip2: If you can't sign up together, make sure someone in the group is there at least 15 minutes early to save seats together.

Where are the classes located?

Classes are held in different locations in and around Norman. For smaller classes, Louies-Brookhaven is usually our go-to. For large classes, Pryor's Pizza Kitchen is a customer favorite.

If you have a venue where you would like us to host, please reach out. We love new places and new faces!

I signed up for the class but can't make it.

Bummer!!!! I understand that life happens, so that is why we allow you to transfer your spot to a friend (and what a nice friend you are)!

Cookie Class Refund Policy

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL. In the event you cannot attend class, all tickets are transferable to another person but tickets are nonrefundable. If you cannot find someone to take your place, please email me with at least 24 hour notice as I often have a waiting list. However, this does not guarantee I can find a replacement for you. Please let me know if you transfer your ticket to a friend so I can update the attendee list. I reserve the right to cancel this class due to illness or low enrollment, in which case, you will be offered a full refund.